Angel’s Wings- Vermeil Gold with Mother of Pearls


Feel your divine nature. The Angel's Wings pendant is a reminder that our invisible angels are always by our side, opening ever new doors for us when we gratefully accept our experiences. These can be all those we consider our angels: holy guides, and those who have accompanied us throughout our lives or have come now to help with a specific wish.

As you put on this beautiful necklace, focus on your heart chakra and connect it to the centre of the Earth and the higher divine. Feel that you have transcended in your magical body on this planet to have a sensory experience, that you are one with the divine light, you are that light.

Angel's wings are engraved on mother of pearl, which shimmers in a multitude of colours, embodying the full spectrum of divine light. Mother-of-pearl also evokes our lunar, feminine nature, fluid and creative, mysterious as the shell in which life originates. The life that is guarded by the Wings of the Angel.

We can have a personalised engraving on the back of the pendant. Choose a message for yourself: your initials or any other inspirational short word, from one to three letters. Make a gift for yourself or someone close to you! We do each engraving by hand, so it can take up to 7 days to finish the order.

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Key information:
Ethical Production We make each piece of jewellery by hand, to order, reflecting your uniqueness.
Bali Ceremony Procedure Before we ship each piece of jewellery will be purified in Sebatu holy spring water according to Balinese tradition. The ceremony includes a ritual to invoke positive energy and dedication to your personal name.
Raw Material Gold Vermeil( 5micron Gold Plated with 22kt Gold on Recycled Sterling Silver)
Size 24 mm pendant and 45cm chain
Full weight 5.2 gm including the chain
Gem Stone Engraved Mother of Pearl
Hand crafted Ms. Sari in Celuk village, Ubud
Inside the package Beautiful jewellery, an exquisite multi-purpose box, and our love from Bali

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