Love And Care of your Jewellery

Om Swasti Astu

Congratulations on your purchase of this beautiful piece of art, a symbol of divine energy, purity, femininity and love. From this guide, you will learn how to preserve the power of your jewellery and enjoy the blessed jewellery longer.

All About Stones

1.0 The origin of stones and their strength

Gemstones are used in Eastern Astrology to enhance their beneficial effects on the wearer or to prevent negative effects. Gemstones surround the wearer with an electromagnetic field through which they interact with their patron planet. The higher the quality of the gem, the more powerful its effect.

1.1 Gems for health

Healers often use gems for ailments in Ayurveda. We recommend that you consult an Ayurveda practitioner for this help if you were looking to use Gemstones for other reasons.

Your Blessed Jewellery from "Grounded And Free" 

2.0 Invoking the Energy of your Gemstone

The energy of the stone must remain pure to benefit you. To ensure that the stone retains its healing properties after a long journey from Bali to your home, please consecrate your jewellery before you wear it.

  • Wash the stone in clean water and wipe it dry.
  • Hold the stone in the palm of your hand and with eyes closed, just visualise what your heart desires to feel at that moment.
  • If possible, wear the stone so that it touches you frequently.

2.1 The Love and Care of your Jewellery

The Grounded And Free team has put immense energy, intention and love into creating your jewellery. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that the jewellery reaching you is surrounded by the same love we gave when we created it. Please observe the following points to preserve the beauty, energy and longevity of your jewellery and stones.

  • We consecrate your jewellery and dedicate it to you, so it is best not to share it with friends and family.
  • Please remove your jewellery before you shower, swim in the pool or sea, or clean your home with chemicals.
  • We apply a durable dense layer of gilding to our jewellery. Please remove your jewellery during your workout to avoid excessive pressure on them and chafing.
  • Sweat can naturally discolour silver over time. To prevent it from tarnishing from chemical compounds, we recommend keeping silver jewellery away from perfume and hair gels.
  • We have included a polishing cloth for the jewellery that you can use. If you live in a humid climate, we recommend storing your jewellery in a sealed box with a desiccant or in a small zipped pouch to prevent the jewellery from tarnishing.