Measuring the Ring Size

Measuring Right size of the Rings 

It is very crucial that you know the right size of the ring. Due to the nature of our production, it is very difficult for us to return or exchange the rings if you accidentally chose the wrong size. That is why we have spent some time explaining to you how to choose the right size for your fingers.

In ‘Grounded And Free’, we have decided to use the US Standard ring chart to measure the size. If you already have a ring from US Standard, it is great, but if you are not sure if the size mentioned there is a US standard or not, then we strongly suggest measuring your finger according to the chart below before you buy our rings. 

We have chosen the instruction to measure the circumference of the finger. The circumference is the measuring surrounding of the finger, meaning the tape would show the measurement when making the full circle of the area where the ring will be worn. Exactly like how you would measure your waistline, just the difference is, this time it is the finger, not your waistline. 

Please make note of the following:

  1. Please measure the area on the finger where the ring will be worn for optimum comfort.
  2. Be mindful of the joints, some joints area can be larger due to various reasons. Please ensure the ring can pass through your joints.
  3. Please do not measure the right after a long walk or hanging your hands down for long, fingers often swell up a little due to gravity. An hour wait is suggested. 
  4. Please do not print our chart and measure your finger on the print as they are not designed to do so. 
  5. Be careful not to get mixed update between the Circumference and Diameter. Our instruction is all about Circumference. 

If the below chart is not understood, you can always write to us directly at or via our Instagram. 

Please use a measuring tape to measure the finger as shown below: