Our Story

Grounded And Free is a brand born of love. Natasha and Pradip Bhandari have always dreamed of spending every day together, enjoying the simple moments, creating new things in co-creation with Mother Earth and the people around them. Following the dream, Natasha was the first to leave her corporate job and dedicate herself to teaching yoga, meditation and EFT(Tapping) — practices that connect the divine and the embodiment in a person and help them live out their true nature. Pradip followed his wife's inspiring example, leaving a senior position in a major company to start a family brand.
After becoming parents to daughter Thea Luna, Natasha and Pradip moved from bustling Bangkok to their dream island, Bali. From there, they decided to send Balinese blessings all over: wondrous jewellery and beautiful clothes all designed by Natasha and manufactured by local artisans.

After spending months in preparation, Natasha and Pradip found small family-run workshops, suppliers of ethically sourced metals and gemstones, and eco-packaging.

Each unique piece of jewellery is carefully hand-crafted for its future owner that purely reflects her individuality. All gemstones are carefully selected for their healing, high-vibration properties. Each piece is characterised by superb quality and a uniquely feminine design. Pradip purifies each piece of jewellery in water from the sacred Sebatu spring and recites a prayer of blessing to bring love, joy, peace, beauty, prosperity, abundance, warmth and care

Having discovered the powerful energy of the creator within herself, Natasha also began to design clothes that she has always wanted to wear. These beautiful designs are made from natural eco-materials from a supplier who shares the Bhandari family's values. Thanks to the hard work of a wonderful team, every woman can now feel Grounded And Free.