Our Philosophy And Design

Our philosophy and design

Grounded And Free is a jewellery and clothing brand, created in a family-run production in collaboration with Mother Nature on the blessed island of Bali.

Listen to your heart and adorn yourself with states of mind. Each item in our collections carries high vibrations, helping women combine earthly and divine energies, stay in contact with their feelings and emotions, feel the care of the Universe, and create from a state of quiet joy and ease. Along with beautiful jewellery and outfits, we give practices that help you shine and live out your true nature

Our jewellery is hand made by hereditary artisans in the jewellers' village of Cheluk in Bali. They lovingly combine the highest quality, materials chosen with care for our planet, and centuries-old techniques for working with precious metals and stones. We use recycled silver and only vermeil type highest grade gold plating which will not fade easily or quickly, ethically sourced stones, and eco-materials, right down to recycled paper for packaging. We purify each piece of jewellery in the holy water of the Sebatu spring of Bali and perform a Balinese ceremony-dedication to its buyer.

Through each order, we support the families of artisans and those who are particularly in need. Our supplier companies in jewellery and clothing design are all created by women, they are all run by women, and we ensure they are paid fairly. We give 10% of our profits to charity, supporting women and their families who are in difficult circumstances.

Our production is a closed cycle: we use biodegradable materials and minimise waste. We do not create waste from plastic at all stages of production and transportation.