Clear Vision- Silver Earring


The earring has its name for the core meaning behind it.

Since ancient times, people have worshipped the all-seeing eye of a deity, using its image for amulets and later to decorate temples, icons and medals. The eye symbol was believed to be able to protect against negative energies.

We all have our own particular vision and intuition and try to listen to it. We can sense things and know intuitively what we should do, be it the right thing to do or not to do, be with the person or not.

This vision is like an inner compass, it gives us a direction for our actions and leads us to the righteous decision.

Listen to it, observe, and put the focus on yourself.

The earrings represent the very thing you cannot see with your eyes but can only be felt intuitively, "seeing the unseen".

At its centre, it has a Peridot gemstone as a symbol of the eye, the all-seeing eye. The energy in the form of rays surrounding the stone symbolises the purity of this vision.

This amazing stone has the power to open the heart chakra, allowing you to act from the heart, with sincere intentions.

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Key information
Ethical Production We make each piece of jewellery by hand, to order, reflecting your uniqueness.
Bali Ceremony Procedure Before we ship each piece of jewellery will be purified in Sebatu holy spring water according to Balinese tradition. The ceremony includes a ritual to invoke positive energy and dedication to your personal name.
Raw Material Recycled 925 Sterling Silver
Size Diameter of 25 mm main hoop
Full weight 7.5 gm including the metal and the Gemstone
Gem Stone 5 mm Peridot
Gem Stone's Energy Feminism, Manifestation, Heart Chakra healing
Hand crafted Ms. Sari in Celuk village, Ubud
Inside the package A beautiful Jewellery set, gorgeous Multi-Use Jewellery box, and touch of our love from Bali

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