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Grounded And Free is a jewellery and clothing brand, created in a family-run production in collaboration with Mother Nature on the blessed island of Bali.

Listen to your heart and adorn yourself with states of mind. Each item in our collections carries high vibrations, helping women combine earthly and divine energies, stay in contact with their feelings and emotions, feel the care of the Universe, and create from a state of quiet joy and ease...

Our Story 

Grounded And Free is a brand born of love. Natasha and Pradip Bhandari have always dreamed of spending every day together, enjoying the simple moments, creating new things in co-creation with Mother Earth and the people around them. Following the dream, Natasha was the first to...

Giving Back to Society

We believe in mutual support and a circle of goodness that raises the vibration of all humanity. We only work with companies set up by women, ensuring they are paid fairly. We give 10% of our profits to several local and international charities, such as Bali Children that provide education and shelter for children, and Bali Street Mums, a charity that helps women and children out of poverty and slavery...

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